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Oliver Retreats

Oliver Retreats provides a week-long escape without having to put your fitness routine on pause.

These retreats incorporate the perfect balance of strength, HIIT and yoga, complemented by carefully prepared nutritious vegetarian meals.

What To Expect

Oliver combines his expertise with that of other industry professionals to provide a unique well-rounded fitness experience, while superb cooks meticulously prepare all your meals with the healthiest and most delicious food to cater to your energy levels throughout the week.

While every retreat’s schedule varies depending on your goals and needs, they all follow the same perfectly planned structure to ensure you get the most out of your week. To see an example schedule, please see the specific retreat links below.

Dates and Locations

Oliver Retreats take place in Bordeaux, France and (soon) Crete, Greece and Phuket, Thailand.

Please click on each retreat to view more details:

Bordeaux July 2020

Bordeaux August 2020

New York September 2020 (SOLD OUT)

Crete (coming soon)

Phuket (coming soon)

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